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for those seeking self development

and positive change in their lives


Psychotherapy helps develop insights into your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relationships with the aim of achieving a more satisfying life. It involves exploring underlying patterns and relevant events, sometimes from childhood and personal history, with somebody trained to facilitate this in a safe and effective way.

Psychotherapy is an exploration of patterns of feelings and behaviour causing ongoing dissatisfaction, lack of direction and purpose, or a loss of enjoyment in life.

Psychotherapy is suited to people with issues that have built up over years rather than for specific times of crisis or intense distress.

"Two years ago, all I saw in the mirror was a fat, middle-aged woman with no life.      My GP recommended antidepressants but I didn't want to rely on drugs so I started having psychotherapy.   I feel a completely different person now, much more confident and happy in my life".

                          Carol, 44

Could I benefit from  psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy can benefit you if you feel lost or stuck with an old problem in a way that interferes with your enjoyment of life. It may seem irrational to you and others, and you may feel powerless to do anything to change.



How can it help me?

Psychotherapy can help identify the obstacles preventing you from enjoying your life, making changes and moving on. This can entail working through learned patterns of feelings, thoughts and behaviour;  and examining relationship dynamics that might be holding you back.

How does it work?

A contract of ongoing, 50-minute, weekly (or more by agreement) sessions are set up between you and your therapist. Through building up a trusting relationship, aspects of your life and relationships you may not have considered or been able to face before, can be examined with a person qualified to identify patterns and offer useful insights.

An example

With her youngest child just in high school Carol was  lacking in confidence and direction in her life and was disappointed that she had steadily gained weight. She consulted a psychotherapist to help her tackle this.


In therapy, Carol talked about the long-standing issues of dissatisfaction in her life, about her current situation and how at times she felt rage, jealousy and guilt that seemed irrational to her and that she feared would destroy her relationships. She had never spoken about it before and felt like she was making a fuss about nothing. Immediately Carol started to lose weight as she stopped holding on to her negative emotions.

Contact me for a confidential consultation to see if Psychotherapy can help you...

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