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for those seeking self development

and positive change in their lives


Counselling provides a confidential, non-judgemental setting to help you explore problems and difficulties causing distress;  no issue is too big or too small. In addition to bringing relief, counselling enables you to make changes in your life as well as to deal more effectively with things that cannot be changed.

Counselling is talking about what is on your mind to help you understand how issues affect you.

Counselling is suited to people who are willing to critically examine thoughts, feelings and behaviours which are interfering with their enjoyment of life.

"When my wife died I felt the carpet was pulled out from under me.   After a few months I didn't even want to get out of bed in the morning.  My daughter persuaded me to talk to a counsellor and although I still miss my wife terribly, it helped me to start to move on with my life"

                                Mo, 64

Could I benefit from  counselling?

Counselling can help you alleviate stress, resolve a particular problem, improve your sense of wellbeing, or deal with a specific crisis in your life.

How can it help me?

Counselling can highlight choices or changes to be made; reduce confusion, immobility and fear; and promote positive action so you feel more in control of your  life. Counselling not only helps with current issues and crises, but also facilitates personal learning for future decisions and problem-solving.


How does it work?

After an initial consultation, an agreed number of 50-minute sessions are arranged with your counsellor.  Talking to a professional who is not connected to your ordinary life makes exploring feelings such as anger, sadness and anxiety easier: because they are appropriately trained, they are able to accept and reflect your emotions and problems without being burdened by them.

An example

Mo's wife died of a brain haemorrhage 18 months before they were both due to retire and move abroad.  After struggling to come to terms with her death for six months, Mo talked with a counsellor about the shock, grief and anger he had experienced on losing her.


After ten counselling sessions Mo was feeling more himself and his sleeping had returned to normal.  He chose not to make any decision about selling the house and moving abroad, but felt confident about reappraising his situation within the year.

Contact me for a confidential consultation to see if Counselling can help you...

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