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for those seeking self development

and positive change in their lives


Coaching is about developing you, finding your strengths and building on them. By creating and reviewing realistic goals, your development is constantly monitored, helping you to make positive changes in your life.


Coaching is a guided process that enables learning and development, and improves performance.

Coaching is suited to people who are highly motivated and ready to make changes in their lives.

Contact me for a confidential consultation to see if Coaching can help you...

''I was fed up with what I was doing  but unsure how to move on.  Working with my coach allowed me to make decisions and take action to move into a more interesting job and still do the best thing for my family."

                              Tom, 37

Could I benefit from Coaching?

Coaching can benefit you if you want to effect a very specific change in your life but need some guidance in clarifying goals and defining steps to achieving them.




How can it help me?

Coaching can help you with organising material, becoming aware of and examining options, and operationalizing an action plan. It can be the support that enables the change that you might not otherwise be able to fully realise.



How does it work?

In prior-arranged hour-long meetings - face-to-face, by phone or over Skype - you and your coach will evaluate your current circumstances. By examining and experimenting with different options, you will devise a structured action plan to achieve your goal.

An example

To help with job progression, Tom was contemplating postgraduate studies when his wife became pregnant with their second child.  He consulted a coach to help him consider the options for him to best support his family as well as advance his career.


Tom initially met his coach and they made a thorough assessment of his current circumstances, his skills, experience and interests as well as his values, commitments and aspirations. Using insights from these sessions, he spent some weeks following up various leads that they had discussed. He then had a Skype and two further 'phone consultations with his coach to firm up his decisions and to finalise his action plan.


Tom decided to do a part-time PhD and negotiated with his boss, and his wife, acceptable amounts of time to spend on his studies.



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