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Case Studies

Many people find that making a decision to consult a coach or therapist is made easier after hearing about the experiences of others. This page gives some examples of real people and real experiences; names, ages and other identifying information have been changed.

After working with her coach Anna realised that she had a passion for teaching which had never been realised.

Working with her psychotherapist, Mina explored her long-standing attitude towards herself and how that impacts how she lives her life.


In her early 50s Anna felt restless and that something was missing in her life.  Divorced for 15 years and having raised her two daughters now at university, she longed for some excitement for herself. Her job as an accountant, while steady, had become routine and the relationship she had been in for the last eight years also felt stale and seemed to be going nowhere. Anna consulted a life coach as she did not want to ‘waste’ the financial and emotional freedom she had gained with her daughters leaving home. Together they conducted a review of her interests, values, and commitments which revealed that in addition to a desire to travel, Anna had a passion for teaching which had never been realised. She decided to take a basic teaching certificate so that she could become involved in voluntary service abroad and applied for a sabbatical from her employer so that she could take up a placement in West Africa.


Daniel, 29, is in a high-powered job in a conservative environment and works long hours. His partner, Ash, also 29, is an actor who usually has some part-time work, and is very active through volunteering in the community. Daniel’s colleagues do not know that he is gay although he and Ash have been living together for two years. In August, Ash issued Daniel with an ultimatum to come out by Christmas. Daniel decided to have some counselling to see what he could do to make this happen. However, after an initial discussion with the counsellor, he asked Ash to attend with him. Daniel and Ash are now seeing the counsellor together and are exploring each of their standpoints on the issue. Although Daniel has come to a point where he thinks he will be able to be more open about his sexuality at work, Ash has made it clear that this is no longer a condition of the relationship continuing, and they both report that ‘things are going much better’ between them.


Mina is 37. She has always been a hard worker and owns her own flat. She has a job that allows her to express her creativity which is important to her, and she has a good network of friends. However, Mina constantly feels like something is missing in her life. She hates being on her own so spends most nights out or with friends. She also goes to the gymn and is in good shape. In spite of this she has no special relationship although many of her friends are pairing up, getting married and having children. Mina has had three serious relationships but they ended as she was ‘too critical and drove them away’. In her psychotherapy, Mina has been exploring her long-standing attitude towards herself, and how that impacts how she lives her life. She says she is learning to slow down and is beginning to enjoy her own company. Last week, she had a date with a man from her yoga class and said it was a refreshingly different experience for her.

Counselling helped Daniel and his partner work through some critical issues impacting their relationship.

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