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Here's what you need to know to about how to work with intralocutor: what is involved in an initial consultation, and how to arrange one; how we agree on subsequent sessions; how, when and where they happen; and, how much it might cost.


If we agree together to work together we will set up a 'contract'; this is an agreement between us that states how often, for how long, and what days/times we will meet, over how many sessions and what the cost will be. Don't worry, this 'contract' is not a legal document and is really only there so we both know what we have agreed to do together. Of course, this agreement can - and often will - change over time.


Sessions last 45-60 minutes and are typically regular e.g. weekly/fortnightly/monthly with timings flexible; I offer very early mornings and late evenings to fit around working patterns. Contract legths vary: counselling typically between six and 18 sessions; psychotherapy from three months to over a year, and; coaching from one or two sessions to up to a year or more. Contract lengths are regularly renegotiated taking into account ongoing change during the process and in your personal circumstances.

How often and for how long?

I offer face-to-face sessions at my consulting rooms in London and Haywards Heath, West Sussex. We may be able to use alternative electronic methods by special arrangement such as phone, email and Skype.

Where, how?

I charge a consulting fee on a per session basis and my fee varies depending on the client, their circumstances, the session length and the duration of the contract we agree. The session fee is agreed between us during the initial consultation. The lowest session fee for individuals and couples is £60 and the highest is £250.  I am registered with most of the major private medical health insurers and charge clients signed up to private healthcare plans their approved rates accordingly.

How much?

Our initial consultation will be typically face-to-face, but may be by 'phone or Skype; it will last 50 minutes to an hour.


By talking about why you have come I get to know about you and you see some of how I work. It is vital that you find someone you are comfortable working with and you believe can help you, and I need to be confident I am able to assist you. At the end we will agree whether we can work together and what therapy, if any, is appropriate.


To book an initial consultation please contact me.

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